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Factorization Machines from scratch

Real-time bidding based display advertising (RTB) has become a leading way of how publishers are selling ad impressions to the advertisers. When a visitors visits publisher’s site, the publisher sends a bid request with additional information (about visiting user, ad, etc.) to hundreds of thousands of advertisers than can bid on this impression using ad…
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Logistic regression from scratch

Logistics regression is one of the most used and successful machine learning models. Unlike linear regression, logistic regression does not have a closed-form analytical solution so we have to resort to numerical methods to solve it. In this example we will employ batch gradient descent method for this purpose. Our first step is generating initial…
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CTR prediction using hashing trick, logistic regression, SGD – from scratch

The leading way for publishers to sell their ads to advertisers is real-time bidding (RTB). Most often it is the so-called Demand Side Platforms who are doing the biddings on behalf of advertisers at ad exchanges. Paying models for publishers are usually cost per impressions (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-action (CPA). To set proper bid…
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K-means clustering from scratch

K-means clustering belongs to the class of unsupervised learning algorithms. The main idea is to partition a group of objects in a pre-defined number of clusters in a way that objects in the same cluster are more similar to each other than to other objects from other clusters. The algorithm to detemine the final set…
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