As a store owner, it’s important to keep a pulse on what your competitors are doing.

It can help you make more informed decisions and potentially identify new opportunities for your own business.

At, we provide advanced tools that can help you analyse over one million online stores.

Our platform allows you to search for stores by category or keyword.

For example, if you’re interested in finding all the online stores in the “Baby Health” subcategory, you can simply select the appropriate subcategory from the dropdown menu, as seen below.

In this case, more than 250 stores will be displayed in a table for you to review:

Baby Health

Alternatively, you can search for stores by keyword.

If you’re interested in finding online stores that sell “skateboard” products, you can search for that phrase, and our platform will display the 900 stores that match your search.


For each store in the table we provide more than 20 metrics and data points, which can be used to gain valuable insights into your competition.

For instance, one way to identify interesting stores is to look for those that are young and have a high open page rank.

Typically, this indicates that their products are trending and highly popular, resulting in backlinks being acquired at a faster pace than their competitors.

Using our dashboard, you can set the maximum domain age to five years and then sort the results by open page rank to see the most interesting stores:


For example, when searching for “skateboard” products, the domain appeared as the top result. By clicking on the “+” sign, we can obtain more information about this domain.


Checking out the top domains in this group showed that many offered interesting and innovative electric skateboards, making waves in their field.

We’ve found that some of the most fascinating stores in any vertical are often those with a young domain age and a high open page rank.

But that’s not all; besides covering eCommerce sector, we also provide similar tools for general websites.

One can thus search through a database of five million of the most popular domains worldwide, categorized according to widely used IAB taxonomy with 440 categories.

This means that you can perform general niche research in the same way as explained above for online stores.

By using our platform, you can gain a competitive advantage and find new opportunities for your business.

Start using this powerful tool today and check on your competitors or find your next big idea.