This is our next iteration of articles on the topic of top shopify stores in different countries.

First let us take check the statistics on the top shopify stores in australia.

In terms of categories, the most stores sell apparel, home & garden and health &beauty products, see image below:

Growth of shopify shops in Australia has been substantial in recent years, check out the growth over years:

Social media use in Australia is dominated by Facebook, followed by Instagram. Distant others are linkedin, twitter and youtube:

This is a feature that is similar in other countries, e.g. analysing top shopify stores in Belgium, one can see similar distribution:

Domain extension use of shops in Australia. In many countries, the top domain extension is the global top level domain of .com. But not in Australia, where is actually the domain extension that is most used by shopify stores there:

You can learn more about .au extension here.

To show you that not only countries have the country top level domain as the most used by shopify stores there, consider the shopify stores in Canada.

As you can see, .com extension is more used than .ca domain extension:

A similar situation is found for top shopify stores in CH:

Next, let us list the stores in Australia that have the highest popularity, according to Tranco research:

Domain Tranco Rank 7861 90850 110743 119198 129346 130036 141349 159821 160597 163063

An important part of getting visitors to your website is ranking high on search engines.

So what is this SEO difficulty when competing in the ecommerce space of stores in Australia.

We use OpenPageRank for computation and you can see the results here:

Next, let us examine the number of products sold by the stores.

This is the histogram table for distribution of stores with respect to how much products they are selling:

Number of product range Number of stores in product number range
0-50 37006
50-100 11308
100-150 5822
150-200 3654
200-250 2304
250-300 1740
300-350 1374
350-400 1154
400-450 930
450-500 898
500-550 682
550-600 594
600-650 508
650-700 412
700-750 358
750-800 304
800-850 298
850-900 298
900-950 254

Most of the stores actually sell less than 50 products.