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Websites using Heap

Description of Heap: Heap is an analytics platform.

Heap is used by 0.1% of websites in the Analytics category.

Business and Finance is the most popular main category among the websites using Heap.

Business is the most popular subcategory among the websites that are using Heap.

The technologies that are most often used together with Heap are Google Analytics, jQuery, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, Google Workspace, Google Font API, Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, Font Awesome, Bootstrap.

Our AI based recommender engine (trained on 100 million data points) suggests that websites using Heap may also be interested in using these other technologies: Crazy Egg, Sift, Crownpeak, Day.js, Cloudflare Browser Insights, Tidio, WPForms, PixelYourSite, OneSignal, lighttpd.

Top IAB Industry Verticals using Heap

Top 10 technologies that are most often used together with Heap

Technology% of use together with HeapWebsite
Google Analytics80.97http://google.com/analytics
Google Tag Manager67.77http://www.google.com/tagmanager
Google Workspace41.01https://workspace.google.com/
Google Font API37.63http://google.com/fonts
Amazon Web Services28.79https://aws.amazon.com/
Font Awesome27.62https://fontawesome.com/

Technologies that are most interesting for website using Heap, as determined by our AI recommender

TechnologyAI Recommendation Score Website
Crazy Egg0.19http://crazyegg.com
Cloudflare Browser Insights0.14http://www.cloudflare.com

Distribution of domains using Heap over IAB1 verticals

Introduction to Heap

Heap is a data structure that stores and maintains a collection of elements. It is a specialized tree-based data structure, where the parent node has the highest (or lowest) priority among its children. The heap data structure is commonly used in algorithms related to sorting, searching, and graph traversal. It is often implemented as an array, where index 0 represents the root node and indexes i, 2i+1, and 2i+2 represent the left and right children of node i, respectively. Heap operations include inserting elements, removing elements, and finding the maximum (or minimum) element.

Practical Applications of Heap

1. Memory Management: Heap data structure can be used for dynamic memory allocation and deallocation, which can help in efficient management of memory in computer systems.

2. Sorting and Searching: Heap can be used for sorting and searching large sets of data. Its retrieval and insertion operations are very fast, making it ideal for use in search algorithms.

3. Graph Algorithms: Heap can be used in graph algorithms like Dijkstra's algorithm, Prim's algorithm, and Kruskal's algorithm. These algorithms require efficient sorting and searching, which can be done through Heap.

4. Priority Queue: Heap can be used to implement a priority queue, where the elements with the highest priority are served first. It is widely used in operating systems, scheduling algorithms, and network routing.

5. Garbage Collection: Heap is also used in garbage collection algorithms, where it helps in managing the allocation and deallocation of memory blocks.

Benefits and Advantages of Heap

- Heap allows for efficient memory management in computer systems
- It provides a way to dynamically allocate and deallocate memory
- Heap can improve program performance by reducing unnecessary memory usage
- It enables the creation of data structures such as binary heaps, priority queues and hash tables
- Heap can be used to implement dynamic programming algorithms efficiently
- It allows for the implementation of garbage collection in programming languages
- Heap can be used in parallel computing to distribute and manage memory across multiple processors.

Distribution of domains using Heap over IAB2 verticals

Most popular websites using Heap

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
eventbrite.comEvents and AttractionsConcerts & Music Events7.13
zillow.comBusiness and FinanceBusiness6.5
twilio.comTechnology & ComputingIndustries6.14
humblebundle.comHobbies & InterestsPC Games5.7
vidyard.comBusiness and FinanceContent Production5.43
slickdeals.netShoppingCoupons and Discounts5.35
atlantafalcons.comSportsAmerican Football5.34
flightaware.comTravelTravel Type5.31
lendingclub.comPersonal FinancePersonal Debt5.2
cratejoy.comEvents and AttractionsPersonal Celebrations & Life Events5.16

Less popular websites using Heap

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
kefirosites.comBusiness and FinanceBusiness0
braincarejournal.comHobbies & InterestsDiseases and Conditions0
cole-sprouse.netBusiness and FinanceIndustries0
disabilityconference.orgEvents and AttractionsConcerts & Music Events0
rptsession1lccc.comEducationWorkshops and Classes0

Distribution of domains using Heap over 1 million most popular domains

Distribution of domains using Heap over domain ages

The average age of websites using Heap is 11.4 years.

The average page rank (measure of backlink strength) of websites using Heap is 2.71.

5 technologies that are less often used together with Heap

Technology% of use together with HeapWebsite