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“A.I. is more important than fire or electricity.”

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

“The world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of.”

Mark Cuban

“Five years from now there will be a number of S&P 500 CEOs that will wish they’d started thinking earlier about their AI strategy.”

Andrew Ng, former Chief Scientist at Baidu Research


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A leading machine learning plaform for Digital Marketing and SEO

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Leading Big Data and AI portal for blockchain assets and stocks, used by global hedge funds and individual clients

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Sentiment Classification, NLP Analysis

Sentiment Classification with machine learning (SVM) and NLP analysis, applied on millions of social media posts each day or on customer chats, emails (in enterprises)

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Robo Advisor

Automated financial advisor for traditional financial securities and for blockchain assets

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News Analytics

Platform for analysing 10.000s of news per day in terms of sentiment, NLP and other metrics

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Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management solution for financial solutions.


We offer end-to-end AI, Machine Learning, Data Science consulting and software solutions. We will take care of your entire project from the initial project research to final deployment to production.

Our Featured Solution - Unicorn SEO

Unicorn SEO is a data science analytics platform for digital marketing. It provides its clients with ranking trackers, niche and keyword scoring, automated content optimization, topic modelling and clustering, content optimization analytics and other analytical tools.

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UnicornSEO is not only a great name but also an innovative suite of new SEO tools that enable you to find the best niches for building content sites. Too often as content site builders we don't do enough research into the size or competitiveness of a niche before we build out the first 50 pages to then find out it's not going to make much money. I found the rankings domination pie charts, in particular domain age really useful in terms of ability to enter a niche with a brand new domain. The ranking analytics area enables you to see data such as the average sentiment polarity of a niche and the top community pages are really useful for link building. "

Richard, UK

Our Featured Solution - BittsAnalytics

BittsAnalytics is an advanced Big Data and AI analytics platform for digital assets and stocks. It provides its clients with social media analytics (sentiment classification, NLP analysis), tracking portfolios, advanced technical analysis, deep learning trading signals, pricing analytics, charts and other tools. BittsAnalytics is trusted by many individual investors as well as many global hedge funds.

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I am really enjoying the platform and I think you are doing some really innovative stuff.

Steven G.

This is fantastic and absolutely what I was looking for.  I'll be spreading the word as this platform is awesome.


I will endorse you guys and let people in my chat as well as my followers know how awesome this platform is! I'm a big fan of how things are going thus far with the project.

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Sentiment Classification and NLP Analysis platform

Our platform classifies sentiment of millions of social media posts and other texts per day, using machine learning. It uses NLP algorithms (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) to extract main topics discussed in texts. Our platform can be adapted to various needs, we use it for our BittsAnalytics platform for analysis of blockchain assets and stocks. In financial institutions it can be applied to determine topics and sentiment of customer interactions, analysing chats, emails and even phone conversations. For the latter we can provide you with speech recognition solution to transcribe phone conversations in texts. Our sentiment classification and NLP analysis platform provides financial institutions a real-time view of customer interactions in terms of sentiment and topics discussed.

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Robo Advisor

Alpha Wealth Robo Advisor is a platform for automated advisor and investment management, offering portfolio optimisation based on maximum drawdown, active management products such as dynamic asset allocation, financial planning, use of artificial intelligence (deep learning) in determination of optimal dynamic allocation products and use of specialised digital assistants.

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Watch video of Robo Advisor.


Sentiment and other data points generated (per month)

100+ million

combinations of social media posts - securities analysed (per month)

News Analytics

Our platforms scan thousands of RSS and other sources to analyse 10.000s of news per day in terms of sentiment, topics analysis using NLP. They are primarily used for our BittsAnalytics and Stocks Analytics platforms. They can be adapted to custom areas of interest. For business inquiries contact us at [email protected]


Alpha Quantum Quantamental is an innovative solution for financial analysis, valuation and ranking of companies and a backtesting platform for quantitative strategies. Our solution allows clients to conduct financial analysis of companies, including generating sophisticated automated reports and provides versatile discounted cashflow valuation tools. Quantitative strategies can be based on multifactor models, pricing models, rankings, DCF valuations, news analytics models or their combinations.

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Risk Management

Alpha Quantum Risk Management is a risk management solution for a wide variety of companies in financial services industry. Our solution allows clients to conduct risk analysis through different Value at Risk methods, construction of stress test scenarios, support for derivative positions and risk attribution. The features also include limits monitoring, performance measurement, regulatory compliance and powerful reporting capabilities for credit risk, market risk and portfolio analysis.

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Portfolio Optimiser

Alpha Quantum Portfolio Optimiser is a state of the art portfolio optimiser based on Mean CVaR and Mean Variance optimisation. Its features include powerful multiperiod portfolio optimization framework for backtesting and research of strategies, use of deep learning neural nets in backtesting of strategies, cleaned correlation matrix and others.

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