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Websites using phpBB

Description of phpBB: phpBB is a free open-source Internet forum package in the PHP scripting language.

phpBB is used by 12.95% of websites in the Message boards category.

Hobbies & Interests is the most popular main category among the websites using phpBB.

Forum/Community is the most popular subcategory among the websites that are using phpBB.

The technologies that are most often used together with phpBB are PHP, jQuery, Font Awesome, Apache, Google Analytics, Google Font API, Cloudflare, Nginx, Google AdSense, Google Tag Manager.

Our AI based recommender engine (trained on 100 million data points) suggests that websites using phpBB may also be interested in using these other technologies: Calendly, Bulma, Constant Contact, Optimizely, Immutable.js, Stamped, Hogan.js, Twenty Thirteen, Sift, Loox.

Top IAB Industry Verticals using phpBB

Top 10 technologies that are most often used together with phpBB

Technology% of use together with phpBBWebsite
Font Awesome63.69
Google Analytics36.31
Google Font API21.97
Google AdSense14.65
Google Tag Manager14.65

Technologies that are most interesting for website using phpBB, as determined by our AI recommender

TechnologyAI Recommendation Score Website
Constant Contact0.16
Twenty Thirteen0.13

Distribution of domains using phpBB over IAB1 verticals

Introduction to phpBB

phpBB is an open-source forum software written in PHP that allows users to create and manage online discussion forums. It includes a range of features such as user registration, private messaging, moderation tools, and customizable templates and styles. The software is highly customizable and has a large community of developers who create extensions and modifications to enhance its functionality.

Practical Applications of phpBB

- Online discussion forums
- Community websites
- Support forums for products or services
- Q&A websites
- Interest-based groups or clubs
- Education or training websites with discussion boards
- Collaborative project management or team communication platforms
- Social networking websites with forums
- Gaming or fan websites with discussion boards

Benefits and Advantages of phpBB

Benefits and Advantages of phpBB:
- Free and open-source forum software
- Easy to install and customize
- Supports multiple databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle)
- Extensive administration control panel for managing forums and users
- Supports multiple languages
- Modular design allows for easy integration of plugins and extensions
- Active community of developers and users providing support and resources
- Provides various security features to protect against spam, bots, and other threats
- Supports various forum features such as private messaging, polls, attachments, and user profiles.

Distribution of domains using phpBB over IAB2 verticals

Most popular websites using phpBB

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
andorstrail.comEvents and AttractionsGames and Puzzles4.57
fearlessrevolution.comHobbies & InterestsGames and Puzzles4.3
tfarchive.comPersonal FinanceForum/Community4.3
drastic-ds.comPersonal FinanceIndustries4.28
magnetbahnforum.deBusiness and FinanceForum/Community4.24
jdorama.comTelevisionDrama Movies4.22
leonardcohenforum.comEvents and AttractionsInteractive Content4.21
atari-forum.comVideo GamingForum/Community4.2
esotericsoftware.comVideo GamingAugmented Reality4.2
coastercrazy.comEvents and AttractionsAmusement and Theme Parks4.17

Less popular websites using phpBB

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
pelhamgamers.comBusiness and FinanceForum/Community0
tditalk.comPersonal FinanceForum/Community0
epiclutegaming.comHobbies & InterestsInteractive Content0
theweldingforum.comBusiness and FinanceIndustries0

Distribution of domains using phpBB over 1 million most popular domains

Distribution of domains using phpBB over domain ages

The average age of websites using phpBB is 13.8 years.

The average page rank (measure of backlink strength) of websites using phpBB is 2.5.

5 technologies that are less often used together with phpBB

Technology% of use together with phpBBWebsite