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Websites using hCaptcha

Description of hCaptcha: hCaptcha is an anti-bot solution that protects user privacy and rewards websites.

hCaptcha is used by 0.25% of websites in the Security category.

Technology & Computing is the most popular main category among the websites using hCaptcha.

Computing is the most popular subcategory among the websites that are using hCaptcha.

The technologies that are most often used together with hCaptcha are Sentry, Cloudflare, jQuery, Google Analytics, PHP, Cloudflare Turnstile, HTTP/3, Google Font API, Google Tag Manager, MySQL.

Our AI based recommender engine (trained on 100 million data points) suggests that websites using hCaptcha may also be interested in using these other technologies: Cloudflare Turnstile, Cloudflare Bot Management, Sentry, Highlight.js, Ahoy, Chart.js, Sift, PixelYourSite, D3, ScrollMagic.

Top IAB Industry Verticals using hCaptcha

Top 10 technologies that are most often used together with hCaptcha

Technology% of use together with hCaptchaWebsite
Google Analytics23.93http://google.com/analytics
Cloudflare Turnstile23.13https://www.cloudflare.com/products/turnstile
Google Font API22.07http://google.com/fonts
Google Tag Manager20.47http://www.google.com/tagmanager

Technologies that are most interesting for website using hCaptcha, as determined by our AI recommender

TechnologyAI Recommendation Score Website
Cloudflare Turnstile0.38https://www.cloudflare.com/products/turnstile
Cloudflare Bot Management0.25https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/products/bot-management/

Distribution of domains using hCaptcha over IAB1 verticals

Introduction to hCaptcha

hCaptcha is a security solution designed to differentiate between humans and bots.

Practical Applications of hCaptcha

1. Preventing spam: hCaptcha can be used as a tool for preventing spam as it ensures that the responses are being submitted by human beings and not bots.

2. Enhancing online security: hCaptcha can be used to enhance online security by adding an extra layer of protection to login forms, password reset forms, and other similar online forms.

3. Monetizing websites: hCaptcha can also be used as a means of monetizing websites by offering advertisers the ability to place ads on the hCaptcha widget.

4. Improving data labeling: hCaptcha can be used for improving data labeling as it allows users to label data by asking them to identify different objects in an image.

5. Improving machine learning models: hCaptcha can also be used for improving machine learning models by allowing users to label data that can be used to train and improve machine learning algorithms.

Benefits and Advantages of hCaptcha

- hCaptcha is a user-friendly technology that provides an effective solution to prevent bots and spam
- It is a more secure alternative to traditional CAPTCHA methods, as it uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to detect and block malicious activity
- hCaptcha is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, as it provides audio and visual challenges to accommodate different needs
- It rewards website owners with revenue for each successfully completed hCaptcha challenge, providing a potential source of income
- It is an open-source technology, allowing for transparency and community involvement in its development and improvement.

Distribution of domains using hCaptcha over IAB2 verticals

Most popular websites using hCaptcha

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
optimizely.comBusiness and FinanceBusiness5.92
idrive.comTechnology & ComputingAuto Technology4.96
burberry.comStyle & FashionWomen's Fashion4.9
adoption.comFamily and RelationshipsParenting4.76
bookbox.comEducationLanguage Learning4.59
date-conference.comFamily and RelationshipsDating4.59
fspa.orgMusic and AudioGospel Music4.55
calstrs.comEducationRetirement Planning4.52
hydra-cg.comTechnology & ComputingComputing4.47
stopcircussuffering.comPersonal FinanceComputing4.42

Less popular websites using hCaptcha

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
tahtakale.net.trTechnology & ComputingComputing0
scenicgreecevds.comTechnology & ComputingComputing0
goldencobrokers.comFamily and RelationshipsComputing0
non-sports.comTelevisionExtreme Sports0
skyroutes.comAutomotiveAuto Body Styles0

Distribution of domains using hCaptcha over 1 million most popular domains

Distribution of domains using hCaptcha over domain ages

The average age of websites using hCaptcha is 12.3 years.

The average page rank (measure of backlink strength) of websites using hCaptcha is 2.58.

5 technologies that are less often used together with hCaptcha

Technology% of use together with hCaptchaWebsite
NextGEN Gallery0.0533https://www.imagely.com/wordpress-gallery-plugin
Redis Object Cache0.0533https://wprediscache.com