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Websites using Pure CSS

Description of Pure CSS: Pure CSS is a set of small, responsive CSS modules that can be used in web projects.

Pure CSS is used by 0.24% of websites in the UI frameworks category.

Business and Finance is the most popular main category among the websites using Pure CSS.

Business is the most popular subcategory among the websites that are using Pure CSS.

The technologies that are most often used together with Pure CSS are jQuery, Google Analytics, Google Font API, PHP, Google Tag Manager, Font Awesome, WordPress, MySQL, jQuery Migrate, Apache.

Our AI based recommender engine (trained on 100 million data points) suggests that websites using Pure CSS may also be interested in using these other technologies: Clicky, Neve, Smart Slider 3, Automizely, Clipboard.js, CodeMirror, List.js, Amazon ALB, Day.js, Alpine.js.

Top IAB Industry Verticals using Pure CSS

Top 10 technologies that are most often used together with Pure CSS

Technology% of use together with Pure CSSWebsite
Google Analytics62.08http://google.com/analytics
Google Font API49.64http://google.com/fonts
Google Tag Manager43.27http://www.google.com/tagmanager
Font Awesome38.93https://fontawesome.com/
jQuery Migrate31.11https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate

Technologies that are most interesting for website using Pure CSS, as determined by our AI recommender

TechnologyAI Recommendation Score Website
Smart Slider 30.16https://smartslider3.com
Amazon ALB0.14https://aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/

Distribution of domains using Pure CSS over IAB1 verticals

Introduction to Pure CSS

Pure CSS is a coding technique that allows web developers to create visually appealing web pages using only Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) without the need for JavaScript or other programming languages. It emphasizes on using CSS for layout, animation, and other visual effects that were previously only achievable with JavaScript. This technique encourages clean and efficient code and provides greater accessibility and faster loading times for websites.

Practical Applications of Pure CSS

1. Responsive Web Design
2. Animations and Transitions
3. Custom Icons and Graphics
4. Print Stylesheets
5. User Interface Design
6. Image Replacement
7. Accessibility Enhancements
8. Styling Forms
9. Navigation Menus
10. Dynamic Content Display.

Benefits and Advantages of Pure CSS

1. Fast loading times: Pure CSS eliminates the need for additional JavaScript or image files, resulting in faster loading times for websites.

2. Improved accessibility: Since Pure CSS relies solely on style sheets, it provides a better experience for users who rely on assistive technologies, such as screen readers.

3. Consistent formatting: With Pure CSS, designers can achieve consistent formatting across different devices and browsers.

4. Reduced code complexity: Pure CSS allows developers to write cleaner, more concise code, reducing the risk of errors and making it easier to maintain and update websites.

5. Greater customization: The flexibility of Pure CSS allows designers to customize every aspect of a website's appearance, from font size and color to layout and animation.

6. Improved SEO: Pure CSS helps improve SEO by making websites more lightweight and easier to index by search engines.

7. Cost-effective: Since Pure CSS reduces the need for additional resources such as images and JavaScript, it can be a cost-effective solution for web designers and developers.

8. Compatibility: Pure CSS is compatible with all major browsers, making it a reliable and universal solution for website design.

Distribution of domains using Pure CSS over IAB2 verticals

Most popular websites using Pure CSS

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
reviewtrackers.comBusiness and FinanceBusiness5.22
surfacemag.comFine ArtDesign4.99
dialpad.comTechnology & ComputingArtificial Intelligence4.93
docs.rsTechnology & ComputingComputing4.81
barrett-jackson.comAutomotiveAuto Shows4.8
christenseninstitute.orgBusiness and FinanceIndustries4.6
jetpens.comHobbies & InterestsArts and Crafts4.56
swedishmatch.comBusiness and FinanceIndustries4.55

Less popular websites using Pure CSS

WebsiteIAB category 1IAB category 2OpenRank
creeksidedesign.comFine ArtDesign0
totallycooltees.comEvents and AttractionsDesign0
singaporemap360.comTravelTravel Locations0
hardknoxxconcrete.comBusiness and FinanceDesign0

Distribution of domains using Pure CSS over 1 million most popular domains

Distribution of domains using Pure CSS over domain ages

The average age of websites using Pure CSS is 13.3 years.

The average page rank (measure of backlink strength) of websites using Pure CSS is 2.48.

5 technologies that are less often used together with Pure CSS

Technology% of use together with Pure CSSWebsite
Squarespace Commerce0.0724https://www.squarespace.com/ecommerce-website
DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX)0.0724http://www.doubleclickbygoogle.com/solutions/digital-marketing/ad-exchange/