Digital Assistants

We believe the digital assistants will become the dominant way of our conversations with computers, mobile phones and other devices. We are focused on building specialised digital assistants adapted to custom fields, such as use in financial institutions. Our digital assistants use TTS, face recognition, speech recognition, NLP and other technologies.

AiVA is our forthcoming specialized digital assistant and uses voice recognition, face detection, text-to-speech (TTS) and deep learning RNN on Big Data to help human financial advisors in their everyday work.
AiVA can be adapted to include the following tasks for financial advisors:
• Prepare a report about client from CRM and backoffice data
• Use deep learning RNNs trained on clients data (descriptive, inflows, outflows, past meetings) to generate lists of clients ranked in terms of their potential
• Management of calling and meeting clients
• Use of RNNs for marketing budgeting
• Advisors can ask AiVA for information which would otherwise require statistical analysis and searches in databases

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