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We are providers of enterprise software solutions for financial institutions and for fintech and insurtech startup companies. Our solutions, used on more than 1 billion EUR of assets, are employed in areas of portfolio optimisation, robo advisors, risk management and performance reporting, quantamental strategies, news analytics, satellites and aerial imagery analysis, specialised digital assistants and other areas.

Our Products and Technologies

Continuously Creating Innovative Solutions

Robo Advisor

Portfolio optimisation based on maximum drawdown. Active Portfolio Management. Personal customisaton.

Artificial Intelligence

Satellite and Aerial Imagery Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation (FCN), Specialised Digital Assistants.

Portfolio Optimiser

Portfolio optimization and asset allocation, supporting mean variance, mean cvar and other methods.

Risk Management

VaR methods, stress testing, pre-trade risk management, risk attribution, limits monitoring and performance measurement.

News Analytics

Downloading and semantically annotating news articles, blogs and social media - 50 GB of daily data from 80.000+ RSS sources.


Financial analysis, comparative and DCF valuation, ranking of companies. Platform for quantamental strategies.

Company Leadership and Expertise

Dr. Samo Plibersek - founder and CEO

Samo has a Ph.D. from theoretical physics, obtained at the Physics Institute of the University of Zürich. He has been involved in finance and programming for more than ten years at various positions - as Senior Analyst, Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Development, CEO.

Portfolio Optimisation
News Analytics
Risk Management, Quantamental
Crypto Asset Management
Robo Advisor
Specialised Digital Assistants
AI - Satellite and Aerial Imagery Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation (FCN)

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